"In numerology, number one is the symbol of opportunity. Specifically, the number 111 represents being open to change and accepting the new beginnings that await you."

Dear members of KY,

Aalto University Business Students (KY) will celebrate its 111th Annual Ball on Saturday, 5th of March 2022. The glamorous celebration will take place in Clarion Hotel, Helsinki (Tyynenmerenkatu 2).

The evening will begin with a toast at 18.00, followed by a delicate three-course meal. The celebration includes academic traditions from different speeches and awards to magnificent performances. After dining, Boston Promenade will take on the stage and so the remarkable Ball can begin!

But as the Ball comes to and end, worry not, since the fabulous celebration will continue at the afterparty organized by the Cultural Subcommittee of KY (KUJ). A special transportation to the afterparty will be also arranged for the guests.

Tickets to the Annual Ball will be sold on Friday 4th of February at 12.00 on Kide.app. The link to the ticket sales will be published on the Facebook event page. Stay tuned for more information!

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Making KY111 happen!

What about Covid-19?

For now, we will keep close track of the current Covid-19 situation and take possible restrictions and recommendations into account in our preparations.

In any case, we strive to make the Annual Ball happen in one form or another!

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The dress code

The dress code of the annual ball is white tie. It refers to a tailcoat, a dark gown, or a long evening gown.

Black tailcoat can be paired with black trousers and white shirt, vest, bow and gloves. To perfect the look, one can wear a white cloth and patent leather shoes.

Wearing a dark (black or grey) suit is also possible, but the white shirt is obligatory. The tie should be silver, grey or pearly. Tuxedos and wristwatches usually don’t belong in the white tie dress code.

The evening gown is preferably a full length evening dress so that only the tip of the shoe would be showing. Otherwise there are no specific rules – the colour and the model of the dress can be freely chosen.

The style may also include festive jewellery and a purse. Long hair is usually tied up but it can also be held freely open.

Academic medals and
the KY ribbon

Academic medals of honour are also mentioned in the invitation to the Annual Ball. These include the ribbons and symbols of both national and foreign student organizations and also symbols awarded by the state.

In KY’s Annual Ball it is a tradition to wear the orange-green KY ribbon. They can be bought from the KY’s office. The ribbon can be used in two ways: as a long sash going down from the right shoulder over holder’s chest down to the left or as a folded rosette on the right side of the front of the dress.

According to tradition the ribbon may not touch its carrier’s skin, which is why an evening dress is usually combined with the rosette. Regardless of the way of use, the green color of the ribbon should always face the ground as it reflects the soil.

If you choose to wear more than one ribbon, it’s good to keep in mind that AYY’s purple and silver ribbon should be the uppermost ribbon or rosette. AYY members can purchase the Student Union’s ribbon from AYY’s Otaniemi Services Office.

You can watch a tutorial on folding a rosette below.

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16:00 Cocktail

(invite only)

18:00 Dinner

23:15 Ball

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Annual Ball Committee

Inka Palimo

Chair  |  +358 40 738 5779


+358 40 738 5779

Jatta Lappi

Corporate Relations  |  +358 45 866 0981

Corporate Relations

+358 45 866 0981

Eemeli Paunonen


Verna Launonen

Art Director

Ronja Kouvo


Jatta Saari


Jenny Nieminen


Saara Savolainen


Contact us here:

© 2022 Aalto University Business Students (KY)

© 2022 Aalto University Business Students (KY)

KY Week

The celebrations of KY’s 111th anniversary are not limited just to the Annual Ball. There are also several other magnificent events during the KY Week and we have gathered all of them here!

Click the cover photos to get to the Facebook events!

Saturday 26.2.

KY111-Kuntis feat. Karri Koira

KY111-Kuntis feat. Karri Koira

Monday 28.2.

Formal Dressing and Smooth Party Behavior

Formal Dressing and Smooth Behavior

Tuesday 1.3.

Masters’ Lauluilta

Masters' Lauluilta

Wednesday 2.3.



Thursday 3.3.

Annual Ball Brunch

Annual Ball Brunch

Saturday 5.3.

KY’s 111th Annual Ball

Annual Ball

Sunday 6.3.

KY’s 111th Annual Ball Afterparty

Annual Ball Afterparty

Sunday 6.3.

Uusi Nousu

Uusi Nousu

Sunday 6.3.




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